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5 Key Factors to Consider Before Installing an Air Conditioning Unit

Having a properly functioning air conditioning system in our homes is critical, particularly as we approach the dreaded hot summer months. However, if your home doesn't have an AC unit in shape to combat the intolerable heat, this may be the right time for a new installation. Here are some key factors to consider before going ahead with the installation process.

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The cost of AC installation


Most AC units can last up to 20 years on average but this doesn't mean that they can't malfunction at any moment. If your unit isn't giving you the service you need after numerous repairs, you may require a brand new installation. However, before you even contemplate hiring a professional to do the work for you, you have to know all the costs involved.

For example, the average estimate for AC installation in most American homes is around $5000 but the costs can rise if your cooling needs are much bigger. Ultimately, knowing all the costs involved before will help you pick the right unit for your needs and budget.

What Should I Consider When Thinking About an AC Install?

Ductwork inspection

Before you go ahead with air conditioning installation, you should ensure that your ductwork is functioning properly. If the duct seams and joints aren’t sealed adequately, the distribution of cool air in your house may not be efficient. A licensed HVAC professional can inspect your ductwork and recommend a good solution to remedy the problem.

Determine the size of your home

The size of your home will determine the type of air conditioning unit you pick. Your contractor will use software to find out models that are not only suitable for your home but also adhere to your local building regulations.

Establish condenser placement

Before any AC unit can be installed, you have to establish a secure location where the condenser will be placed. Ideally, you ought to have enough space and shade for the condenser to work efficiently and not overheat. The condenser airflow must not be restricted if you want your unit to give you top service.

Energy efficiency

Before proceeding with AC installation, you have to factor energy-efficiency first. You are advised to go for units with high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings if you want to get value for your money. New AC units are supposed to have an energy efficiency ratio of at least 13 and above.

Also, you can save money by concentrating your cooling efforts on areas with the most traffic in your home. If you don't have a big budget, you can opt to purchase a portable air conditioning system because it’s not only affordable but it's also gaining acceptance in the market.

Think about the add-ons you need

You can get more service out of your air conditioning unit with more add-ons.

For instance, you may decide to make your system work as both an air conditioner and heater by integrating it with a heat pump.

Therefore, it's important to take ample time to consider the add-ons you require before you commission an AC installation. Figuring out your cooling and heating needs before you can hire any AC contractor is absolutely essential.

Install a New Air Conditioner Unit Today

Installing a brand new AC unit is certainly guaranteed to provide your home with the cooling it needs during the super-hot months. Keeping your indoors cool not only increases the level of comfort in your living spaces but also enhances the overall worth of your home.

It’s highly recommended that you conduct proper research before you go ahead with an AC installation. Lastly, make sure to pick an experienced professional like Deluxe to handle your air conditioning installation needs.


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