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AC Replacement


Why Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

There are a few key signs that your AC unit is in need of a replacement. Firstly, think about how well your AC unit is working. If you find that your home isn't being cooled efficiently, or if you have frequent breakdowns, it might be a good idea to go for a new unit. This is also the case if you're facing massive repair bills - sometimes it's best to replace the whole unit.

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You should also think about the efficiency of your unit. It should have a SEER rating of at least 14, or it'll cost more to run and waste energy. The age of your unit is important, too - if it's more than 10 years old, or runs using outdated, expensive Freon, you should consider a replacement.

You will probably find that the cost to replace an AC unit is outweighed by fewer repairs, quieter running, more efficient cooling, and lower running costs.

So Many Air Conditioning Options

There are four main types of air conditioner for you to consider:

Central air conditioners, which combine the evaporator, condenser, and compressor into a single unit, and use the ductwork in your home to draw in cool air. They're a common choice and suitable for most homes.

Ductless, mini-split air conditioners, which are smaller wall-mounted units, each of which cools a single room. Suitable for homes without ductwork, they're easier to install than central AC units, but the cost can really stack up if you use them to cool a whole house.

Hybrid air conditioners, which work by using both electricity and fossil fuels. They're a less common option, but can be great if you want to take advantage of the temperature outside to cool your home.

Geothermal cooling is the final option, and it uses a geothermal coil to take heat from your home and put it in the ground. It's the most expensive option but is sustainable and long-lasting.

After getting an air conditioning replacement, there are a few benefits you'll notice. The first is the cleaner, healthier air you'll be breathing, as newer systems tend to have better filtration systems and motors to keep out allergens, dirt, and pollutants. Many people also notice that their new AC runs quieter, guaranteeing peace and quiet, especially if their previous unit was old.

You can also benefit from new technology with a smart thermostat, allowing you to set temperatures, switch up the heat, or view data at the touch of a button. Even your new AC unit will be smarter, idling when the ideal temperature has been reached to save energy and money. New AC units also tend to be more eco-friendly, saving the planet as well as your wallet.

With so many types of air conditioners to choose from and so many benefits from getting an AC unit replacement, it makes sense to save energy and money with a new unit. If you're interested, contact our local AC representative at Deluxe to provide your with a free estimate today.


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