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Bathroom Remodeling


From concept to completion, Deluxe is your bathroom remodeling contractor.

Whether you're considering your first bathroom remodeling project or you're looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor, at Deluxe Plumbing & Heating, we can help. We've simplified the bathroom remodeling process, making it less stressful - and almost fun!

When you start thinking about bathroom renovations, it's usually either because you need more space or you want to upgrade your current features. It may also be to get rid of the pink Pepto bathroom tiles that came with your home!

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Unlike a kitchen remodeling project, a bathroom remodel may vary depending on the type of bathroom you have. You may be remodeling the master bathroom, a half bath/powder room, a three-quarter bathroom or a full bath that's not the master bath.

Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations

As you start thinking about the layout for your remodeling project, you've likely seen a bathroom style that you would like to replicate or you have a picture of one. You may also want to consider the new layout that you would like to ensure the usefulness of the space.

If you have a large family, would a second sink help in the bathroom or are you considering adding a brand new bathroom for your growing family's needs?

  • Do you want to spruce up the powder room for visiting guests?

  • Would a separate sitting area give you more space in the mornings/at night?

  • Do you want a soaking tub so you can treat your master bath like a spa retreat?

  • Would you just like an affordable upgrade to swap out the tiles, sink and tub?

Creating a Road Map is the Perfect Start to a Successful Remodeling Project

If you're not sure of how you want the space to look, we're here to help. Take a look at our Before and After page for custom bathroom remodeling projects we've completed.

At Deluxe Plumbing & Heating, our goal is to help map out all the details for your bathroom project from start to finish. We want you to have a functional bathroom space that will meet your needs even if you just want to relax in the tub, or have extra shelf space for a linen closet.

  • Available financing

  • Personalized to fit your wants

  • Provide ways to reduce energy costs

We'll start with a plan for your space, set a budget, develop a blueprint, and then factor in time and schedules for completion of your new bathroom. WORRY-FREE SOLUTIONS™


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