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Replace Toilet Flange Installation


Replace Your Broken Toilet Flange

When your toilet flange is broken, you often face more than a simple hardware replacement. The toilet flange is the device that supports your toilet over your sewer pipe, and as a result, it isn’t the cleanest part of your bathroom. Toilet flanges are generally kept concealed within the porcelain of your throne, but when this critical piece of hardware breaks, you’ll know.

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Also known as a closet flange, a toilet flange is a ring-shaped piece of hardware that sits in a small recess over your sewer pipe. Closet flanges serve as a buffer between your toilet and the sewer. Dirty jobs are best left to the pros, and it’s best to learn everything you can about closet flanges before you decide how to approach the job ahead.

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⚠️ Toilet Flange too high on the floor

⚠️ Toilet Flange Seal not good

⚠️ Wanting to replace the toilet flange

⚠️ Toilet flange needs to be removed

As a local, family-owned company, Deluxe puts community first. The next time you suspect that there might be something wrong with your toilet, don’t delay. Simply call a Deluxe plumber to get a professional evaluation. It might be nothing, but if a broken flange goes unattended, the results can be disastrous. Call us any time that you’re in need of expert plumbing assistance.

How Do You Replace a Toilet Flange?

Many customers want to know if it’s possible to replace a toilet flange without professional experience. Truthfully, there’s no yes-or-no answer; you’ll need to examine your skillset and make your own determination. What we can say is that replacing a toilet flange can get complicated fast, but more than that, it’s a messy job. It would be natural to rely on professional help just to avoid making contact with an open sewer line.

To get to your toilet flange, you’ll need to start by removing the mounting hardware that keeps your toilet fixed to the floor. This hardware is designed to withstand any wobble, so removing the necessary nuts and handling the bolts that come falling out can be trouble. In a worst-case scenario, mounting bolts or nuts could go careening into your open sewer pipe.

Handling your toilet is tricky in a number of ways. You should certainly drain your toilet tank before you proceed, but even then, heavy porcelain is tough to drag around. Small bathrooms make this task even more onerous, and it’s almost inevitable that you’ll come into contact with sewage in one way or another.

The toilet flange itself is relatively easy to remove and replace, and once the new flange is installed, you simply reverse the process to put the toilet back into place. Without experience taking care of the actual process, however, closet flange replacement can easily go wrong or produce unsatisfactory results.

Toilet Flange Installation is Best Left to Experts

At Deluxe, we’re intimately familiar with every functioning part of your bathroom. We’re just as comfortable with sewer pipes as we are with fresh water pipes, and we know how to handle delicate operations like closet flange replacement with care.


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