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Deluxe is a family affordable air conditioning contractor in Bethlehem area. 

Air Conditioning Unit Not Running Right?


Staying cool and comfortable in your home or business depends on a properly functioning air conditioning system, especially during the scorching warm weather season. Sometimes the AC unit may not cool as well as it should or may stop working. This can happen for various reasons and may require an expert technician to fix the problem. 

Lucky for you, if you live in the Bethlehem, PA, or surrounding areas and you’re searching online for air conditioning repair near me, you are likely to find Deluxe Plumbing. We are a well-known HVAC company with professional technicians who have been providing reliable air conditioning and central air repairs and maintenance to homes and businesses for many years. 

Why Hire a Professional Technician?


You may have knowledge or skills fixing things and may try to do the repairs on your own. But hiring a professional air conditioning and central air repair technician can prevent further damage to the system and help you save money.

Certified Technicians


No matter the type of air conditioning or central repair required, our certified team of technicians have the skills and expertise to fix the problem. Customers trust our technicians because they work around the clock to provide quality service to your satisfaction. Your air conditioning system will be fully inspected to determine the cause of the problem. Some common air conditioning issues that require repair include problems with the following:

Compressor: The compressor or condenser unit located outside needs to be working to provide cool air to your home. Debris can get stuck in the condenser coils, the contactor may be damaged, or the motor fan may be broken. This can prevent the unit from coming on or cause it to push hot air instead of cool air. 

Air Ducts: A leak in the air duct or a broken or disconnected return duct can cause warm instead of cool air to circulate. These ducts are usually installed in the attic, walls or basement and can be easily located and fixed by a professional technician. 

Thermostat: The temperature is regulated by the thermostat settings. This computerized device may stop functioning for various reasons. The technician can inspect the device and fix the problem. 

Refrigerant: If your AC unit is blowing hot air or the inside temperature keeps fluctuating, this may be due to leaking refrigerant or coolant. It may not be easy for you to find the exact location of the leak or refill the coolant, but our expert technician can. 

Filter: Air filters are meant to be cleaned or changed regularly depending on if they are single use or reusable filters. A dirty or clogged filter can stop your unit from working properly. This may reduce or block air flow or even freeze the AC unit. 

Fuses or Breakers: If the circuit breaker ‘trips’ or a fuse blows, the air conditioning unit will stop working properly. This cuts off the supply of electricity to the compressor and prevents it from producing cool air. 

Drainage: You may need air conditioning repairs if the condensate drain is clogged and causes water leakage. This is a common problem with all systems.



For emergencies or looking to remodel your bathroom you may apply for financing through GreenSky, Fortiva, and Microf. Once approved the credit can be used towards your repairs, installations or remodeling projects performed by Deluxe.

From providing a cold temperature in the hotter months to staying ambient in milder seasons, many people rely on their AC every day to maintain a better standard of living. So when your unit freezes, and you're left with no air conditioning, it can ruin your whole day.

Tools and Equipment from Trusted Brands

Remember we can fix these problems and provide other central air repairs. Once the problem is identified, our technician will fix it to your satisfaction. We have the tools and equipment from trusted brands, such as Bryant and Mitsubishi, to provide whole-home comfort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also provide complete overhaul and new installations if needed. Just call Deluxe Plumbing of Bethlehem, PA, right away at 610-625-3699 to schedule an appointment. We will have your system up and running again in no time!

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