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Boiler Repair and Installation

Boilers have a tendency to break down at the worst possible times. However, at Deluxe Plumbing and Heating we believe these failures are often avoidable with regular routine maintenance and inspections. Inspections should be done once a year at the very least.

How do I know if my boiler needs to be repaired or replaced?

There are seven common signs that your boiler needs repair or replacement:

  1. A metallic or sulfur smell: Carbon monoxide has no odor, but gas suppliers will add a sulfur smell to ensure that gas leaks are more easily detectable. Carbon monoxide poisoning is an urgent health risk and you should call a professional to inspect any weird smells around your boiler.

  2. Age: A good quality boiler can last up to 100 years with a few repairs and upgrades along the way. Most boilers can have steel sections replaced and new tubes installed as needed to restore them to proper working condition.

  3. Delayed heating: You may have a circulation issue if it takes a long time for your boiler to produce heat. You might also notice that your boiler will shut off frequently and abruptly to avoid overheating.

  4. Defective power supply: If your boiler doesn't run after you turn it on, you might have a problem with the power supply. Inspect for any blown fuses and if that doesn't work you should have one of our technicians check the internal power supply system.

  5. Water leaks: If you notice puddles or moisture around your boiler, have one of our technicians examine it. Dripping or standing water can bring about grievous property damage. Leaky boilers use way more energy and have a significantly higher risk of bursting.

  6. Odd noises: You may hear thumping, clonking, whistling, or even whirring noises. These sounds could signify a defective heat exchanger, a broken heat pump, an inefficient fan, or a blocked system caused by sediment buildup.

  7. Not enough heat: If your unit produces heat, but never reaches the set temperature, it may signify a heat delivery issue which can be caused by a number of things, like buildup in the tank or a thermostat shorting out.

For emergencies or looking to remodel your bathroom you may apply for financing through GreenSky, Fortiva, and Microf. Once approved the credit can be used towards your repairs, installations or remodeling projects performed by Deluxe.

There are a lot of home heating options that exist; if you are interested in finding the best one for your home, then a good place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the existing heating systems and methods.

Boiler Repair and Installation Services in Lehigh Valley PA

Can I convert my gas boiler to an alternative heating solution?

Depending on your situation it may make sense for you to switch over to an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system. Ductless units allow you to customize the temperature in each room so you aren't heating rooms you aren't using, saving you money. Contact us at Deluxe Plumbing and Heating to find out more.



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