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Hello Fountain Hill Resident!

Fountain Hill PA is a quaint borough in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, US. It is considered to be an eastern suburb of Allentown, and is a peaceful, sophisticated community. Most of the residents are working professionals and own their own homes. The living situation here can be described as suburban, but the neighborhood is also dense and friendly. The main streets are known for their café society and old style coffee shops and bakeries. Many residents here work in Allentown or in the nearby Bethlehem medical community.


If you are new to the area- welcome! If you are an existing resident of the Fountain Hill area and you enjoy doing the work yourself we have provided links to the Fountain Hill Borough to acquire needed permits and to get general information about your township/borough.

There are many bars, cafes and boutiques surrounding the historic landmark known as Fountain Hill, and it is a safe area to raise children. Fountain Hill is also known for its schools. There are 15 in the area, including the Lehigh Charter High School for the arts. This is a fun, relaxed and friendly area to live in. The community's population of 23,820 lives by the motto, "It's a thrill to live on the hill!"


The jewel in this community's crown is Fountain Hill itself which is laced with hiking, biking and walking trails that lead visitors through a well-forested area to the top. There you will find a beautiful stone pond with a gazebo lookout, from which spills the beautiful Lechauweki Springs. Walk a little further west and visitors will find themselves on the trails of the Salisbury Wildlife Preserve, and see deer, bunnies and all kinds of birds. From here residents can take a scenic stroll along the shores of the Lehigh river, or take their dogs for a walk along the paved path next to the Lehigh canal.


There are so many trails and paved paths in Fountain Hill, that many people make the healthy choice to simply bike to work. Some of the paths take commuters straight through the beautiful historic area of Bethlehem, which has many old stone houses and a old store. It is like taking a bike ride through another century.


If you live, or are planning to live in one of the lovely homes in this beautiful neighborhood, which is a unique mix of both old and new structures, then you will likely need a plumbing to handle your drain cleaning and water heater repairs. The water is not the greatest in this area for cast irons drains, so it is easy for clogs to build up of some kind. Some of the homes are about fifty years old and many are ranch style. Some are even older than that, and may need more maintenance, as they are often wood structures, covered by stone masonry or brick.


Over the years the plumbing or the wiring may go in some of the homes in Fountain Hill, especially in any structures with a historic aspect. As the weather gets more extreme every year, homeowners might also want to consider installing a HVAC system, something very energy efficient that keeps residents warm in the winter and cool in the summer, or completely replacing the wiring. If this is a case then it is a good idea to contact Deluxe a handyman contractor in Fountain Hill. WORRY-FREE SOLUTIONS™

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