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Heating System Installation


Your Home's Heating System

Home heating equipment has various life expectancies, and maintenance plays an important role in your heating system's longevity.

However, due to age, wear and tear, breakdowns, upgrades, and energy efficiency advancements, most homeowners will require heating installation and heating replacement services at some point.

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Heating System Installation Consideration

Your Home's Heating System

There are several ways to heat a home, but central heating systems are typically the most effective. These options include forced air systems, radiant heating, or baseboards powered by hot water or electricity. Read more if you are trying to determine which is cheaper gas or electric.


Furnaces generate heat and blow the warm air throughout your residence via an air duct system with registers and grills in each room. Natural gas, electricity, propane, or heating oil powers most furnaces.

Our HVAC professionals perform heat load calculations to determine what BTU output your house needs. BTU measures how much heat your furnace generates per hour. A new, updated furnace system can operate at up to a 98.5% efficiency rate.


A boiler uses gas, oil, or electricity to heat water that it pumps through your home by way of a piping and radiator or baseboard heater system. Radiant floor heating uses plastic piping in the flooring that's also heated by boilers.

Boiler heating systems support zone heating, allowing you to limit heating to select rooms. New boiler systems are up to 90% efficient and they aren't subject to the air quality issues that can be present with the ductwork in forced air furnace systems.

Heat Pumps

Instead of generating heat, heat pumps move existing heat from outside sources into your home. This heating system collects heat from water, the ground, or the air outdoors. You enjoy better electricity savings with a heat pump system than with furnaces and boilers. There are both air duct and ductless systems available. You can also find reverse cycle chiller air pumps that work with radiant floor heating.

Active Solar Heating

Active solar heating uses the sun's energy to heat your home. Solar panels collect the heat in air or water for immediate use and also store heat for later use. Active solar heating works with most heat distribution systems — including radiant heating, heat pumps, and forced air. This system is a cost-effective, energy-conserving heating option. But a back-up system is recommended.

Choose Professional Heating Replacement and Heating Installation in Bethlehem, PA

Our skilled HVAC technicians at Deluxe are experienced in working with a wide range of home heating systems. We help you determine the best fit for your home and your family's needs and perform professional heating installations for homeowners throughout Bethlehem, PA, and the surrounding area.

If your home heating needs aren't being met, call Deluxe Plumbing & Heating. We will troubleshoot the problem to determine the best way to boost your heating efficiency – be it maintenance, repairs, heating equipment replacement, or a new system installation.


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