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$88 AC Unit 88 Point Inspection and Cleaning Special

Updated: Apr 29

Expiration Date:


With the expected increase in energy cost this summer we would advise every homeowner with an AC system that is at least three years old to consider getting an 88 point inspection and cleaning by Deluxe. An air conditioning system that runs hard is proven to use more draw on electricity and components tend to break more frequently.

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AC "tune-ups" can save you up to 15% on monthly energy bills.

If you answer "yes" to any of the following, then take advantage of this offer:

  • AC is blowing hot air

  • Less airflow from the vents

  • Condensation on your AC unit

  • Indoor air temperature is not reaching or holding set temperature

  • Higher than normal humidity levels in the home

  • Unexpectedly higher energy bills - other than the rate hikes that we all see 🤦‍♂️

  • Unfamiliar noises from the unit

  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping

  • AC unit is repeatedly turning on and off

Tune-ups generally cost $100 to $250. A new AC system on the low end would be around $5,000. A poorly functioning system could increase your energy bill by 5-15% each month.

Rules regarding this offer:

  • One Time Use - we want to prove that the service you receive from Deluxe is far superior than any other AC Company in the Lehigh Valley

  • One system Only - additional units will cost extra, please call.

  • Not for Worry-Free Club members

  • Not to be combined with any other offers or coupons

IF you are a Worry-Free Club member:

  • Waived Dispatch Fee

  • Free Water Testing

  • Free Sewer Inspection

Deluxe service truck is at house for AC tune up special

Example of AC Unit that needed an Inspection and Cleaning:

What homeowner sees
What Homeowners see
What Deluxe sees
What Deluxe sees


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