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Have You Heard About This Awesome Pipe Lining Technology?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Choose the Latest Pipe Lining Technology To Fix Your Leaking or Broken Pipes.

have you heard about this awesome pipe lining technology

Ignoring the telltale signs of leaking or broken pipes in and around your home or office can lead to several other problems endangering the concrete slab your house relies on for stability.

Say hello to rotted wood, mold, foul odors, and even unwelcome visitors such as rodents and mosquitoes who just love the damp and dark areas in your home. Deluxe Plumbing uses a pipe technology that can renew all your home's pipes, including vertical systems, basement drain pipe, restoring your home's circulatory system back to total health.

Here's what it is and how it's done.

What Is Pipe Lining Technology?

Pipe lining technology is an environmentally-friendly pipe repair technology aimed at opening restricted pipes and renewing the life of your pipes in the most painless and least intrusive way possible.

A simple way to think of it is by imagining the pipes in your home as the blood vessels in your body.

Both carry fluids where needed, and both remove waste from a system. With age, the cast-iron pipes in and around your home start eroding, resulting in restricted flow. Cracks start developing, which causes blockages. Pipe lining technology can restore the total flow by using a cleaning and lining process for either a section of pipe or the entire pipe.

In most cases, no digging is required, which means no restoration is needed.

How Is Pipe Lining Technology Used?

Pipe lining repair is angioplasty for your home, with the procedure:

  • A plumbing professional uses special equipment to identify the location of the blockage.

  • The blockage is cleaned using a high-speed flax machine.

  • An special pipe liner saturated in epoxy is cut to suit the specific length of the damaged pipe section or the whole pipe.

  • An inflation tube is pulled into the liner segment and placed through access points.

  • Once in place, the tube bladder is filled with pressurized air, inflating the liner to adhere to the pipe's interior.

  • Once the liner is fully cured and hardened, the tube bladder is deflated and removed, leaving a fully rehabilitated pipe.

  • This process can be used for smaller horizontal or branch pipes throughout the house to large horizontal main lines.

Why Hire a Professional Plumbing Contractor?

Digging up your yard or pulling down walls can inevitably incur further damage, disruptions, and cost.

Very few pipe lining companies in Pennsylvania can do the job; however, make sure you carefully select a professional plumbing contractor that will assess the situation before making any suggestions and who will provide you with a trained, licensed, and insured service you can trust. Installing trenchless pipe liners requires qualified plumbers familiar with the latest technology and have many years of reputable work experience.

A lack of knowledge and skills can compromise the integrity and durability of your new pipe lining.

Which are the pipe lining companies near me? Deluxe Plumbing and Heating provides a great variety of services and products, including the latest pipe lining technology throughout the Lehigh Valley, PA area. We provide 24/7 support and avoid inconveniencing you by breaking walls, floors, and concrete and digging up your yard.

We provide state-of-the-art technology pipe lining solutions to fix pipes inside and outside the house or property as small as 2-inch diameter.

One of our certified professional teams will come in and out in a day, taking care of controlling any odors that can negatively impact your home or office. Deluxe Plumbing and Heating provides a lifetime warranty for the home or business owner that requested the work, thereby making sure you have one less thing to worry about.

Enjoy the Deluxe Plumbing and Heating experience - less stress, less overall expense, less mess, less time. Get a pipe lining coupon today for tomorrow.


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