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Hello Northampton Resident!

Northampton, PA began as one of the larger boroughs near the urbane, university city of Allentown with a population of 10,395. It is part of the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area. The community is a newer one, compared to the surrounding boroughs that were founded in the first decade of the 1800s.

Northampton's was founded in 1895 by the Atlas Portland Cement Company, which was in operation from to 1985, and mined the nearby limestone cliffs. The Atlas Portland Cement Company was known for producing almost all of the cement that built the Panama canal, producing 8 billion barrels of cement. One of the main attractions in the area is The Atlas Memorial Cement Museum.


If you are new to the area- welcome! If you are an existing resident of the Northampton area and you enjoy doing the work yourself we have provided links to the Allen Township, East Allen Township, Moore Township and Northampton Borough to acquire needed permits and to get general information about your township/borough.

The reason that people live in Northampton is that it is peaceful and serene, with resources and amenities located just south in Allentown, and state-of-the-art medical facilities, including a medical university located in the Allentown suburb of Bethlehem.


Northampton is located along the banks of the Lehigh River that has a recreational area called Canal Street Park. The Canal Street Park is well-manicured and runs the entire length of the city, It is known for its many walking and biking trails. New condos line the edge of the city's waterfront.


The main street of the town also has many interesting restaurants including pubs, grills and Chinese foods. Northampton is also known for its antique markets and antique stores. It also has many smaller municipal parks where residents walk their dogs, including one called the Allen Township Dog Park off Savage Road.


The fact that Northampton was once a busy mining town, means that it is filled with smaller cookie-cutter housing. Swaths of suburban homes, built as single family homes line the curvy streets of its subdivisions. Some homes are almost a century old, and are wood or stone structures, but many have a cheaper wood frame with outside clapboard and a A-line roof. By today's standards, they are not much larger than a one bedroom.


This entire area is now full of renovated homes with efficient boilers , flipped homes and neighborhood parks and coffee shops, as the closing of the Atlas Portland Cement Company transformed this area into a neighborhood of commuters, not miners.


Northampton is known for its very humid, warm summer and freezing winters so it is imperative for homeowners to have an excellent HVAC. Also, because many of the homes here were built quickly and cheaply to house the miners in the limestone quarries, many need quite a bit of plumbing and electrical maintenance.


If you are a homeowner it is a good idea to get a good home service contractor in Northampton, PA who can handle the maintenance, repair and upgrade of these amazing smaller suburban homes. A great local company to call for home services is Deluxe!

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