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Basement Drain Pipe Repair


Most Common Drain Pipe Issues

Replacing a basement drain pipe can be a costly project. Depending on the circumstances, it can require part of your foundation, walls, and basement floor to be removed, and you’ll be unable to stay in your home while the project takes place. 

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If you're suffering from drain issues, chances are you're observing one of these tell-tale signs:

Slow draining

Slow draining is by far the most common problem in plumbing. As it can appear to be a minor issue, homeowners often neglect to address it. However, slow draining can be the first sign of clogging, an indicator of mineral buildup or even issues with the drainage system.

Frequent Clogging

If you often need to unclog your drains, or you're having clogs at multiple places at your home, this may indicate underlying issues.

Water Flooding and Unpleasant Smell

These are the most obvious and unpleasant signs of pipe damage. Damaged drains often have a distinct foul smell and unsanitary flooding water compromises the cleanliness of your home.

In all cases, it's essential to fix the issues as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

How You Can Repair the Problem

The first step to any repair is always to identify the problem. You may find it useful to consult a leak detection specialist, who will be able to provide you with camera footage of the leak, as well as use a listening device and perform a pressure test. Then, a plumbing specialist may advise you on the most appropriate solution to your issues. There are three most common ways to repair your basement drain pipes:

Pipe Relining

Nowadays, most cases of sewer pipe damage can be mended without excavating. Plumbers use modern technology such as using composite resin and synthetic fibre compounds to patch up broken areas. The materials are incredibly strong and resistant, and can prolong the life of your drainage system.

Basement Drain Pipe Repair

When the job calls for more than patching, you may need to excavate and replace one or more pipes. The process includes identifying the leaking area, excavating the correct area of your house and repairing or replacing the damaged parts.

Replace Cast Iron Drain Pipe

Sometimes, it's better to bite the bullet and re-plumb the entire house. If you're dealing with old piping with significant wear and tear, it will likely continue to fail. Thus, it's financially savvy to replace the plumbing altogether.

Benefits To Hiring Deluxe Plumbing to Repair Your Basement Drain Pipe

We understand how frustrating and time-sensitive plumbing issues are. As one of the leading providers in Bethlehem, PA and surrounding areas, we aim to cover all your plumbing needs.

We've made it our mission to give you the best comprehensive plumbing service possible. Our experienced plumbers will show up as soon as possible, inspect your plumbing, identify the issue at hand and advise you on the best solution for you.

Submit your questions or request pipe lining service today; we'll be there to provide you with options.


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