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Backflow Preventer Installation


Operating Backflow Preventer Can Save Your Home

Used water needs to be kept away from clean water. As one of the basics of civil engineering, this idea is common sense, but a faulty backflow preventer could serve as a sore reminder of what happens when plumbing goes wrong. Rely on Deluxe to solve your backflow issues, and learn all about backflow prevention in this guide.

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Backflow Preventer Installation You Can Trust

With Deluxe, you can sit back and relax while we optimize backflow prevention in your home. Allowing contaminated water into the municipal or county water supply could harm others, and for those living off the grid, faulty backflow prevention can be even more disastrous.

At Deluxe, safety is our top priority both on the job and after we leave. The health of each of our customers is precious, and together, we make the Lehigh Valley community stronger. Count on Deluxe whenever you need help making sure your backflow prevention equipment is ready for any challenge.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

The backflow preventer on your property’s water line keeps drinking water from passing back down the line and contaminating your water source. Whether that source is city water or a well, it’s absolutely essential to prevent drawn water from reentering the place where it originated.

Backflow prevention devices used in homes and other buildings contain many different parts. These complex devices install on your main water line, and they keep the pressure on the line going one way only: toward your home. Installing a backflow prevention device on your own isn’t the hardest plumbing task out there, but simple mistakes could still end up being costly.

Why is Backflow Prevention Important?

The backflow preventer on your water line doesn’t just keep you safe. It might protect your whole neighborhood as well. Failing to protect a common water source could raise the ire of your community, and in any case, following basic plumbing standards is the best way to keep your house, condo, or apartment building safe and leak-free.

Faulty backflow prevention can result in property damage, and it can also result in fines if backflow prevention is part of your building code. Most importantly, however, failing to take care of proper backflow prevention on your property creates needless health risks.

What is a Vacuum Breaker?

Backflow prevention technology has come a long way in recent decades, and relying on professional assistance is the best way to take advantage of these innovations. Call Deluxe today for a technician to evaluate your situation.


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