5 Fundamental Rules You Can't Afford to Ignore When It Comes To Plumbing in Bethlehem, PA

Dont ignore these fundamental rules when it comes to plumbing
Keep these in mind when your dealing with plumbing in the Bethlehem area

Are you ignoring red flags and warning signs from the plumbing in your Bethlehem home?

You could be making a huge mistake – plumbing isn't just an integral part of your home, it also affects your quality of life.

From the water you drink and use in food preparation to the water you use for cleaning and bathing, problems with your lines will always translate to problems with your daily routine.

Here's are 5 ways to make sure you don't wake up or come home to an unexpected man-made flood – or an indoor "drought" when you turn on the tap.

Protect Against Water Pressure Fluctuations:A growing issue in Bethlehem water piping, when pressure fluctuates it sends a plumbing system built on consistency – your home's system - into disarray.

Your plumbing relief valves are intended to compensate, of course, but only in unusual or emergency situations.

Relying on them to weather the constant up-and-down of system-wide fluctuations will wear them out much more quickly.

You wouldn't run your entire home on a generator if the lights went off for a few minutes, would you?

By failing to regularly inspect and replace your relief valves, that's essentially what you'd be doing with your plumbing. But don't worry – it's a very easy fix!

Simply commit to a maintenance and inspection schedule with a plumbing professional and you'll know your relief valves can always handle Bethlehem's unusual water pressure variations.

Safeguard Backflow and Expansion Tanks:

Much like relief valves, backflow devices in your pipes keep water flowing in the direction it should to protect the city line’s pipes. The backflow devices are designed to act as a safety net to protect the city line from damage.

Partnering with the backflow devices is the expansion tank to guard the system from pressure build up from warm water expansion from the water heater.

Pressure reducers are important to this equation also; as they regulate the pressure coming into your home - we are seeing pressure readings over 100 psi in parts of Bethlehem, PA at times, which can cause a chain reaction of problems.

Like any tanks, however, expansion tanks can "go bad" from pressure, rust, damage, or connected plumbing and support systems losing their integrity, causing water pressure to rachet up to dangerous levels.

Make sure that you work with your plumbing professional to inspect your relief Bethlehem water piping valves, backflow devices, and expansion tanks on the same regular schedule – that way, you'll never have to worry about one "leg" of the system going bad and damaging the functionality of the other two.

Know Your Water Chemistry:

Know your water chemistry
The Chemistry Behind Your Home's Water Supply

If you live in the city Bethlehem water looks and tastes fresh, but your pipes may not agree!

While Bethlehem city water doesn't typically suffer from high hardness levels (defined as having a great deal of mineral content, which builds up and corrodes pipes and fixtures), it does have a very high level of chlorine – in some cases, measurements have even reached "pool levels!"

Chlorine is necessary to keep water clean and bacteria-free, but it's also extremely harsh for rubberized components like washers in your Bethlehem water piping.

To fix this complex issue, you'll have four basic options to take the chlorine out of your home's water supply and prevent it from reaching those crucial gaskets.

  • Automatic backwash carbon systems offer a long 7-15 years lifespan and require electricity.

  • Tank-type carbon filters won't use electric but have a shorter usage life of 4-7 years.

  • Whole-home reverse-osmosis (RO) systems have an added expense of cartridge replacements but take up to 99% of minerals out of your water for a clean, fresh taste and feeling.

  • Carbon cartridge filters also come with an added expense, and sump-style setups will need to be replaced roughly every month.

When in doubt, consult Bethlehem plumbers to determine which chlorine filter choice is best for your home, your needs, and your budget.

Perform Regular "Visual Maintenance":

You already know that it's important to have Bethlehem plumbers check all the "moving parts" of your system, but what about the seals and supports around them?

You can lend a hand by looking in places like your toilet tank regularly and visually inspecting the flappers in your toilet, or taking a flashlight under places like the kitchen sink to make sure your flex supply lines are still functioning reliably.

If you notice breakage, "feathering", or a less-than-ideal seal, call a professional for diagnosis and repair to keep your peace of mind intact.

Never Ignore Sewer Issues:

From foul odors emanating from the ground outside to air bubbles making a regular appearance in still toilet water, your Bethlehem water piping will let you know when there's a sewer issue lurking.

Make sure your sewer lines can do their job by clearing tree roots around your line and using regular plumbing maintenance services to keep your lines clear and debris-free.

Remember, a sewer line is one of the most expensive repairs that you can make as a home owner, so an ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure in this case.

Contact Deluxe Plumbing today to keep your Bethlehem home safe from water pressure buildup, poor water chemistry, and seal damage: after one appointment with our expert team of Bethlehem plumbers, our commitment to service will be as crystal clear as your water!

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