Tips If Your Furnace is Going Bad Or Not?

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it
Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it

Waking up to a cold house or observing an issue with your furnace is aggravating and stressful. Considering the average lifespan of a furnace is 15 years, proper and continuous maintenance is necessary to maximize its life. Despite proper maintenance, a furnace can stop working at any time and you may need to begin the process of buying a new one. Requiring a complicated assessment and installation process, it's best to immediately consult with a professional when you believe your furnace is broken or beyond repair.

Furnace breakdown

A furnace can breakdown for many reasons. They breakdown due to age and lack of maintenance. Generally, a yearly check-up is recommended for older furnaces and if it has already broken-down and should you decide to install a new one, be sure to continue to schedule yearly check-ups to maintain the health of your new heating system.

Symptoms of a Bad Furnace

The most common sign of a bad furnace is a pool of water or gas. A water leak indicates a problem with the condensation line and gas leaks are a dangerous issue and should be addressed quickly. We advise contacting the gas company and a HVAC and Plumbing Specialist immediately.

Other symptoms of a bad furnace include strange noises, corroded areas on the unit and venting, weak fan movement, blowing cold air instead of hot, inconsistent temperatures and higher than normal utility bills. An HVAC technician will diagnose issues with your system and help you pinpoint exactly what needs to be fixed, replaced, or updated.

Replacing a Furnace

When choosing a new furnace, HVAC technicians will help you select a furnace type and size that fits your home to ensure proper heating and cooling to avoid inconsistent temperatures as well as taking it easy on your wallet. Choosing the right system prevents your system from overworking and will reflect that on utility bills. Natural gas is an inexpensive, clean burning way to heat your home. Liquefied propane must be used in areas that don't have natural gas lines. Coal, oil, electricity, and wood are additional types. If furnace cost is an issue a HVAC technician will help you select a unit that fits your home and your budget.

Furnace Installation

Once you've selected the size and type of your new furnace, scheduling installation is the next step. The area must be assessed and altered for the new furnace. Updates to your ductwork or your exhaust and vent system may be required. A trained HVAC technician will thoroughly evaluate your home prior to furnace installation. Once the area is ready, your new furnace will be installed, started up, and tested to ensure it is running properly.

Going Ductless and Updating AC

Many homeowners opt to go ductless and replace their AC unit at the same time as their furnace. Keeping your home modern and updated directly contributes to the value of your home and reduces your monthly bills. It's ideal to fix an old, broken, or bad furnace prior to the advent of the colder seasons. To update your heating system, contact and consult with our team of experienced professionals to assess your space, select a new furnace, and perform installation. If you schedule a consultation before August 31st you'll receive $500 off your new system.

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