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Sewer Backup Services


Providing Sewer Backup Services

Sewer backups are never fun and yet odds are that as a homeowner you'll eventually have to deal with one. Determining the cause of your backup is the first step to discovering how serious the problem is, who is responsible for clearing the line and if it's covered by insurance. There are three common causes of a sewer backup - clogged, Tree Roots got into the pipe or a broken/offset pipe.

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Clogged or Backup - What's the difference?

A backup in the sewer lines is usually caused by a clog, tree roots or a broken line. A clog in the line is the most obvious problem; maybe consider getting a video pipe or sewer inspection. Flushing facial tissues, diapers, napkins, solid objects or feminine products can create clogs. Fat and grease poured down the drain can harden in the pipes and collect debris. Over-stuffing your garbage disposal or using it incorrectly can also cause a clog. Tree roots are another common cause of sewer problems. Roots can grow into pipes, boring holes into them or even crushing them by growing around them.

Older homes are especially susceptible to broken or collapsed pipes. Pipes made from cast iron or clay rather than the plastic pipes used currently can break down over time and wreak havoc on your sewer system.

Common Sewer Line Questions We Get

Why does my sewer line keep backing up?

Is your sewer backup a reoccurring problem? If you have multiple slow running drains, a foul sewer smell, water overflowing into different plumbing fixtures, or a gurgling noise coming from your toilet, sink or shower then you might have a main sewer clog.

This type of backup can be caused by a broken or clogged house trap. the fix is relatively easy but undesirable as it frequently requires removing the blockage by hand. Use long rubber gloves.

It can also be the result of a root infestation, roots growing inside the main sewer pipe can be cleared with a mechanical auger, hydro jet or chemicals compounds. A misaligned or cracked pipe or a blockage of fat, oil or grease can also be the culprit.

Is a sewer backup covered by homeowners insurance?

Sewer backup coverage is available from most insurers for a small cost. Most insurance policies don't cover sewer backup unless particular sewer backup coverage is added to the policy.

Most homeowners may not know that they are accountable for the repair and maintenance of their home or sewer lateral, which is the pipeline between the municipal sewer main, typically located under the building, and the street.


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