Sewer Pipe Repair

Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Unsure where the pipe is cracked or broken into two?

If you’re having issues with your sewer, such as a clogged sewer line or a damaged sewer line, you may not be sure what to do – and how to resolve the issue and protect your home and property.

The best option is to call Deluxe Plumbing & Heating. As sewer repair and sewer line replacement specialists, we’re here to help you get the services you need to fix your sewer and prevent further inconvenience, avoid damage to your home, and keep your family safe.

For emergencies or installing new systems you may apply for low interest financing through one of our homeowner financing partners. Once approved the credit can be used towards your repairs, installations or remodeling projects performed by Deluxe Plumbing.

Do I Need Sewer Repair Services? Recognizing Common Signs Of Sewer Issues

Not sure if you have a damaged or clogged sewer line? There are a few common signs of sewer issues that you should be looking out for in your home and on your property.

If all of your drains and plumbing fixtures are draining slowly or are backing up, this is a sign that you may have a serious clog in your sewer line, and require the help of a professional to break it up.

If you notice sewage coming out of a drain, you need to get help right away – your sewer line is definitely clogged and backed up. Foul smells coming from your drains can also be a sign of a serious sewer line issue, since this indicates that waste is not making it all the way through your sewer pipe.

Unexplained water in your yard is also a common indicator of a broken or damaged sewer pipe, particularly if you notice a nasty smell, and the grass and plants in this area of the lawn are growing very thick and lush. This is due to the waste that is fertilizing the plants. Keep your children and pets away from the area, as it may be home to dangerous bacteria, and call a plumber for help right away.

Deluxe Plumbing has the team and quality product to repair and replace anything inside our outside the home. See where we currently have local plumbers available to help you now.

Sewer Repair In Bethlehem, PA – Get The Help You Need!

From a clogged sewer line to sewer lines that have been damaged by tree roots or have broken due to corrosion or wear & tear, we do it all at Deluxe Plumbing & Heating. So don’t wait.

Give us a call today!

Get the help you need from our professional plumbers by giving us a call at 610-628-1724 or contacting us online. We’re available for sewer repair services 24/7 in Bethlehem, PA and the surrounding areas of Lehigh County and Northampton County.

For those that would like a better understanding on which system is best for my home or looking for tips on preventive measures - we have put some content together just for you!

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