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Water Heater Leaks


What should I do with Leaking Water Heater

Deluxe will diagnose the water heater leak. If the leak is coming from the drain valve (spigot at the bottom of the tank that drains the sediment from the water heater) you are in luck as this is a relatively inexpensive repair. Just pay the dispatch fee and we will be out to assess the leak and provide solutions like replacing the faulty drain valve.

If the water heater leak is coming from the tank then you will need to replace the water heater completely. Sediment most likely has built up at the bottom of the tank and corroding the inner lining of the water heater tank.

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Possible Water Leak Solution

Before trying to locate the leak yourself - it would be safe to shut the power supply to the water heater. If Electric water heater, go to your electrical panel and flip the breaker off. If you have a gas water heater, you should locate the on/off dial on the gas regulator (most likely) on the side of the water heater; just point the dial to pilot or off.

If the tank is losing a lot of water and damaging the surrounding area then you should shut the water supply off to prevent further water damage.

What Would Be Our Next Step

A water heater will have a typical service life between 8 and 15 years pending on the water, fuel type, tank or tankless and regular maintenance the water heater gets. If you plan on putting a new water heater in to replace the old one and never maintain the system - expect it to last 7-9 years.

We believe water heater maintenance plays a big role in getting the most from your water heater. Checking the anode rod, testing the T&P Valve, drain valve, looking for leaks and flushing the water tank to remove sediment build-up are all excellent check points that will help your water heater hit it's full service life potential.

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