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Bethlehem Water


Water Resources for Bethlehem Residents

The Bethlehem Waterworks, or Old Waterworks, created a foundation of utilizing water supplies, like springs and the Monocacy Creek, to provide drinking water to local residents to replace fouled wells.

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Drinking water is essential to everyday life. Accommodating people’s need to have sufficient drinking water dates back more than 250 years to when early Moravian founders established America’s first pump-powered public water system in America.

City of Bethlehem Quality of Tap Water
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Bethlehem PA Water Facts

In present times, Bethlehem’s Water and Sewer Resources Department have supplied drinking water to roughly 36,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers and have sufficient supply to serve a thriving, growing community.

The Bethlehem Water Department serves the City of Bethlehem plus sections of 11 surrounding municipalities in Northampton & Lehigh counties.

Not only is having safe drinking water a priority, but having great tasting water is too!

Bethlehem’s water is considered very soft with low levels of hardness. Having low levels of hardness is a benefit to your home’s plumbing and appliance longevity, as hard water is likely to create scale buildup and corrosion- leading to long term problems and costly repairs.

Bethlehem has been awarded the Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) Award for 11 consecutive years for excellence in filtration performance.

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