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What is NOVO Water Conditioning Company?


NOVO - Is Top of the Line Water Treatment

NOVO is a water conditioning company that has served customers for five decades. The company has a singular focus on high-quality products and continuous improvement and provides excellent customer support to dealers and suppliers to support their customers effectively.

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What products does NOVO make for Homeowners?

NOVO offers softener systems to improve water quality for bathing, drinking, washing clothes and daily use. The company also provides water filters that eliminate foul odor and taste due to chemicals such as chlorine.

These filters also protect home plumbing, filtering out substances that might cause corrosion or clogging.

Specialty systems are designed to treat groundwater that can cause fixture stands, clogged pipes and laundry discoloration. These systems save users time, space and money.

NOVO Water Softener Exposition Diagram

NOVO's Reverse osmosis water filtration systems provide better drinking water at homes and businesses.

In addition, ultraviolet systems kill microbial organisms such as viruses and bacteria that can make families and customers sick.

The company also offers point-of-use filtration for fresh, clean drinking water at a single tap and affordable price.

Deluxe Plumbing is your NOVO Certified ProAdvantage Dealer

Deluxe Plumbing is your NOVO Certified ProAdvantage Dealer. We probably offer these products for the safety and well-being of our clients and then clients. If you need assistance with choosing a product for a particular application, our experts are here to help.

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