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We service the Iron Series

Our team is proud to service Pelican™ water conditioning systems. The Pelican™ systems are top-of-the-line and able to treat any water problem in your home or business. This salt-free system is the only one that has a 3rd party certification and is able to create clean water from wells and city water! Call us today for a free estimate on our new PURONICS water systems.

Deluxe Plumbing & Heating, LLC features Water Conditioning Systems from PURONICS Water Systems, offering softening and filtration systems affordably priced and expertly installed for your home or commercial needs.

Benefits of Filtered Water

The human body is made up of approximately 65% water. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's important to acknowledge the sediments and chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines commonly found in today's drinking water. These chemicals can be ingested into your body and even become airborne in your home through water vapors and steam. Pelican helps filter these chemicals to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Imagine softer skin and hair, bathing in spring-like water and better tasting coffee and tea! Start enjoying the benefits of filtered water from every tap in your home with a Premium Pelican™ System.

I expressed some water quality concerns with Ryan as well. Again, with no added pressure, he showed some equipment systems that would enhance the water quality of my home, but strongly recommended I have the company do a water quality test
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Whole House Water Filtration

People who choose to drink from their faucets and not plastic bottles, choose Pelican™

The low-maintenance Pelican™ Carbon Series is the ultimate home water filtration system. The Pelican™ Carbon Series is affordable, long-lasting, easy to install and addresses chlorine, chloramines, taste and odor from your water for just pennies a day.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Better tasting filtered water

  • Softer skin and hair

  • Shower and bathe in spring-like water

  • Better than bottled water from every tap

  • Does no waste water

  • Environmentally friendly

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's customer satisfaction that drives our business. We provide a 10 year warranty on parts and labor. 

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