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Furnace Repair in Wind Gap PA


How do you know your furnace needs repair?

Furnaces, like other equipment in the home, require regular maintenance not only to ensure they are working efficiently but also to increase their lifespan. Preventative maintenance and repairs are less costly than the need to fully replace your furnace.

A furnace is a seasonal appliance- you may only need it during the cold seasons. Nevertheless, long periods of inactivity do not guarantee the lifespan of these appliances. Therefore, it is crucial to keep checking on your furnace, even when it is off-season, to ensure it will work when needed.

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Here are some common signs that could indicate faultiness in a furnace:

  1. Abnormal Furnace Odors Typically, furnaces should smell like the fuel that powers them. Whenever you turn yours on, you will be hit by the strong smell of fuel, but not too strong. When the smell becomes unbearable, It could be due to a gas leak, or the unit could be excessively dirty. Call the furnace service company immediately to assess the issue.

  2. Difficulty in starting the appliance Like most equipment, furnaces may struggle to gain momentum after an extended period of dormancy. However, if you have to attempt multiple times for the furnace to start or restart, the problem could be more serious. There could be a disconnection in the wiring, or some elements could be damaged.

  3. Discolouration of the Pilot Lights Pilot lights change with the level of toxic gasses in the unit. The light may change from its usual blue color to another, which could signify that the furnace is not dissipating waste gasses such as carbon monoxide as it should.

  4. Loud Unusual Noises A faulty furnace may let out squealing or whistling sounds and, at times, a banging noise. Most of these noises may be from loose components in the furnace or a failing belt or fan. If you notice these noises, turn off the appliances and contact the professionals, as the problem could easily go from bad to worse.

  5. Faulty Carbon Monoxide Detector Essentially, a carbon monoxide detector should alert you to the presence of harmful gasses; thus, a faulty indicator could be a life-threatening problem. Turn off the furnace and keep the house as airy as possible by opening windows and doors before calling an expert.

  6. Regarding Air Quality Furnaces tend to gather a lot of dirt and other foreign materials. A poorly maintained furnace could pose a health risk as. Eventually, all these materials may end up in the air you breathe, thus causing frequent colds, coughs and other respiratory issues.

  7. Insufficient Heating An inefficient furnace is a clear indicator of fault. If your furnace no longer works as it used to or is not working at all, it surely is necessary to call an expert.

Affordable Furnace Repair in Wind Gap, PA

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