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Hello Bath Resident!

Bath is one of those charming, old small towns in Pennsylvania with a population of only 2,808. This safe, and affordable city was established by Scottish and Irish settlers in 1728. It was Margaret DeLancey, the daughter of a British lieutenant colonel Allen Lewis, who sold the parcels of farmland to the original settlers, and then named the town after Bath, Somerset in England.


If you are new to the area- welcome! If you are an existing resident of the Northampton area and you enjoy doing the work yourself we have provided links to the Bath Borough to acquire needed permits and to get general information about your township/borough.

The original farms that used to line the banks of the beautiful creek are now long gone, and have been replaced by charming older suburban homes and affordable housing that were the residences of the people who commuted to Allentown to work in the steel mills. However, although the days of steel workers are also long gone, some of the older structures remain, often covered with new siding or clapboard, in old suburbs near the Monocacy Creek, which is a tributary of the Leigh River, that also passes through Allentown (which is just south along Highway 987.)

A large dog park, called Paw Park now borders the banks of the creek, which in places also boasts the crumbling remnants of old mills, a playground and lighted tennis courts. These amenities are located within Keystone park that is also home to the Bath Farmer's Market that runs from May to September every year.


Bath itself has its own attractions including the Carl Rehrig Sports Field and a basketball court at Firefighters Park. There is also a scenic trail at Graver Arbortorium, which is a great place to take a walk or bike ride.


This is a very family friendly town with smaller, but older houses, built grid-style with an old town center surrounded by highways that have smaller strip malls, fast-food outlets, car dealerships and more. There are an additional 33 golf courses located within 20 miles (32.1 km) of Bath including 18 public ones.


One of the main passions of the folks who live in Bath is golf, because the low rolling hills and great weather offer plenty of opportunities to play around. There are two 18-hole golf courses in downtown Bath including the Southmoore Public Golf Course and the Whitetail Golf Club. Each are located one mile from the town center.


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