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Drain Cleaning in Catasauqua PA


Clogged Drains are a Serious Nuisance

If you are looking for reliable clogged drain cleaning service, look no further than Deluxe Plumbing. We offer Clogged Drain Cleaning Service in Catasauqua, PA. We are fully licensed and insured. If you need help with clogged drains, call us and we'll be glad to help you out!

We offer 24/7 drain cleaning services to get your drains flowing again. We use the latest technology, including hydro-jetting and high-pressure water jetting to remove any blockages. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive customer service, which is why we are such a popular choice for clogged drain cleaning service in Catasauqua, PA.

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Whether they're the result of a buildup of grease, hair, food particles, or any other number of things, clogged drains can make it difficult to clean your home and keep it running smoothly.

And not only that, but clogged drains can also cause problems with your pipes and drainage systems. If you don't take steps to unclog your drain soon, you could end up with an expensive plumbing emergency on your hands. So if you're experiencing any of the signs listed above, don't delay in getting it fixed as soon as possible.

The most common causes of a clogged drain are:

Hair: Hair can be found in showers, bathtubs and sinks. Longer hair will wrap around the pipe and cause it to clog.

Grease: Grease can come from cooking oils, butter, bacon grease or any other type of cooking oil. This type of material is very thick and will coat the inside of pipes causing them to become clogged.

Soap Scum: Soap scum is made up from soap and water that has been sitting for a long period of time on the surface. This material will accumulate into a solid form and create a blockage in your pipes.

Sewer Drain: A sewer drain is located at the bottom of your toilet bowl and carries waste water out to be treated for release back into nature's cycle. If this pipe becomes obstructed, you could experience unpleasant water backup in sinks, bathtubs or showers.

There are a few signs that your drain is clogged, including:

  • Slow-moving water

  • Water backing up into the house

  • A foul odor coming from the drain

  • Problems when flushing the toilet

  • Expensive plumber bills

  • Leftover food or grease stains on the floor

  • Watery or puddle-like puddles around the drain

  • Discolored sink water or murky water in a basin

Deluxe Plumbing offers same day service and can be at your doorstep in an hour or less. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will not only clean your drains but also remove any roots that might have caused the clog. We provide a variety of services to help you with your clogged drain. From drain cleaning, sewer repair, and pipe repair, we can take care of any problem for you. Our prices are affordable for the care and attention to detail we provide to your drains and professional staff you deal with; contact us today. WORRY-FREE SOLUTIONS™

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