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Clean Air Defense System

Find out what the clean air defense system from Deluxe can do for your home.

Unless you or a loved one has problems with allergies or illness, you might not notice when the indoor air quality of your Bethlehem home is less than ideal. However, even if you aren't sneezing, coughing, or aware of dust and contaminants, they're still infiltrating every square inch of your home through your HVAC system. Even if you're diligent about changing the filter panels on your furnace or air conditioning unit, remember - these filters are mainly used to protect the equipment from dust, not necessarily your family's health.

Breathe Easier

If you've noticed unpleasant odors, such as cigarette smoke, mustiness, or even mildew, it's likely because your current HVAC filtration simply isn't up to the task. A clean air defense system from Deluxe uses an innovative collection surface that harnesses a low, safe current and the collective power of filtered contaminants to attract, trap, and hold odors, bacteria, allergens, and germs that would otherwise make the air you breathe unpleasant.

  • Will the clean air defense system work in my home? Absolutely! Because the special collection panel slides right into your HVAC system's existing filter space, you won't need expensive renovations to your existing ductwork - just slide it in and it goes to work immediately. No matter what size your HVAC system may be, or how many rooms it services, the dynamic filter can handle it all.

  • Is the clean air defense system safe? The dynamic filter collection panel is completely safe, and improves indoor air quality without a system overhaul, caustic chemicals, or the need for invasive services. Whether you simply want to personally enjoy cleaner air in your home or you have pets and children in mind, it's truly a solution that fits in every home.

  • Is the clean air defense system expensive? Happily, the dynamic filter, despite being incredibly powerful and proven to remove up to 97% of the dangerous airborne particles that impact indoor air quality, is extremely affordable. Be sure to check out our comparison chart to see just how much money you'll save by installing the system!

  • Do I need any special equipment to use the clean air defense system? The dynamic filter is designed to slide directly into your HVAC system's filter slot, ensuring that you can completely avoid the hassle of expensive renovations or retrofitting to start enjoying cleaner, fresher air inside you Bethlehem home.


All three phases of air contaminants are equally responsible for aggravating asthma and allergies.


Imagine never needing to wince when the neighbor is cutting his grass and your allergies are already difficult to manage. Picture your family enjoying every room of your home without coughing or sneezing from airborne particles. Think of getting through the worst parts of flu season without a trace of a runny nose - it's not a pipe dream, it's the clean air defense system, and it's protecting your home using the systems you've already put in place.

If you want to "win the war" against harmful airborne particles like allergens, pet hair and dander, dust, and germs, it's time to get serious about protecting the clean air quality in your home. Contact Deluxe today to talk with our friendly indoor air quality specialists and make the right choice: for the air you breathe, for your home, and for the people - and pets - you love.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's customer satisfaction that drives our business. We provide a 10 year warranty on parts and labor. 

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