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Electrical Emergency Services


Hiring An Emergency Electrician?

Electrical emergencies can ruin your day, and you want to get the problems sorted quickly. Electrical issues can lead to more trivial problems like missing the big game or losing the contents of your freezer or serious hazards such as electrocution or fires causing significant damage to your property. Recognizing that you have a problem and getting it fixed before it becomes more serious is critical in these situations.

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Electricity is inherently dangerous, and it is always best to be proactive in the case of electrical faults. However, here is a list of things to look out for that should prompt you to call an emergency electrician:

  • Circuit breakers tripping repeatedly

  • Burning smells with no clear sign of fire

  • Continuously flickering lights

  • Wet electrical panel

  • Power outlets or switches are hot to the touch or making a buzzing noise

  • You or someone in your home have received an electric shock

  • Power loss

How Much Will An Emergency Electrician Cost?

Every emergency is different, so it's impossible to give a flat rate for your electrical emergency. We do charge an emergency dispatch fee to have certified and licensed electricians to report to your property and investigate the possibilities.

The final cost of solving your problem will depend on the repair of the job as we charge by the job; not by the hour. Deluxe is located in the heart of Bethlehem, PA., so if you're in this area, we can get to you fairly quickly.

Also, most jobs require a certification and permit, and this is the main reason for our dispatch fee to insure that you are not getting some knucklehead coming to your home that doesn’t know local or state codes. Where it’s possible, we will allocate the right technician for the job to keep the price at an appropriate level for the complexity of the problem.

Emergency Electrical Services

If you're looking for an emergency electrician in Bethlehem, PA., Deluxe can offer all of the services you need, such as:

Included under these categories are:

  • Wiring repairs - interior and exterior

  • Repair and replacement of circuit breakers

  • Electrical panel repair

  • Generator repair

  • Ceiling fan repair

  • Repair or replacement of switches and outlets

  • Lighting repairs

  • Fault location

We will also ensure that your home is up to code. Outdated wiring or circuit breakers are a primary source of faults.

Deluxe will check all of your wiring and appliances, ensuring that they meet all of the latest requirements under state and local codes when you hire us for an inspection.

Call Now To Book Our Emergency Electrical Services

Getting a fast response to a potentially hazardous electrical issue is critical. So, if you're in Bethlehem, PA. area and there's an odd burning smell, or an outlet is making a strange noise, call Deluxe for Worry-Free Solutions™ today!


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