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Drain Cleaning in Hellertown PA


Avoid Costly Water Damage Repair

If you live in a home with plumbing, chances are you've had to deal with slow and clogged drains. And worse! A clogged toilet! Most issues with slow-running drains can be addressed with simple tools like the plunger or the plumbing snake. But sometimes, you need professional drain cleaning for those stubborn clogs.

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Slow drains indicate that the plumbing system isn't working as it should. This can result in additional issues such as foul odors, gurgling sounds and eventually backed up drains. We often overlook this in lieu of other daily functions until a larger scale problem arises.

For drain cleaning in Hellertown, PA, give Deluxe Plumbing and Heating a call. Their expert drain cleaners use state-of-the-art plumbing tools and techniques to fix all slow and clogged drain issues. Avoid costly repairs to drywall and carpeting replacement with professional drain cleaning services.

Common Water Back-Up Zones

Kitchens and bathrooms are two vital zones in our homes. Without them, we could not cook to eat, use water for showering, or go to the bathroom in our toilets.

The Kitchen Zone – Our kitchens are the main zone for clogged drains that need drain cleaning. Indeed, all the food bits, oil, and other waste that flushes through kitchen plumbing can quickly build up, slow draining kitchen sinks and dishwashers that don't clean dishes.

The Bathroom Zone – The toilet is the main issue for slow and clogged drains in the bathroom. An overflowing toilet can catch someone off guard for water damage that might leak from a second-story bathroom. Clogged toilets put bathrooms out of commission until it's unclogged. Don't panic. With 24-hour service, our expert plumbers get the toilet functioning again.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Risky At Best

A common quick solution is dumping a special chemical mixture into the clogged drain. These products work by dissolving the binders that help keep the clog together. Hence, they dissolve things like oil and hair, two common causes of clogged drains. Drain cleaning products in a bottle often don't work and can damage your pipes.

Modern Drain and Pipe Cleaning

Today's plumbers use many modern tools that DIYers don't usually have like jet-cleaning, which shoots water through the pipe to clear the block. Professional plumbers use power drain clean snakes capable of busting through roots.

Knowing what type of plumbing your home uses is a good idea. Some older homes may have pipes underground that have been damaged by tree roots. Water still flows, but slowly until it's blocked. Contact Deluxe to clean the inside of your plumbing pipes. WORRY-FREE SOLUTIONS™

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