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Allentown Water


Water Resources for Allentown Residents

By the mid 1800’s it was renamed to the Allentown Water Company and almost a century later is known by its present name: Lehigh County Authority.

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Allentown is a bustling city with many inhabitants that depend on safe drinking water. Allentown has a rich history to it’s name, along with a fascinating origin of public waterworks. Dating back to the early 1800’s, Allentown, once known as Northampton, was provided drinking water by the Northampton Water Company.

Lehigh County Authority Quality Water Report - Allentown
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Drinking Water for Everyone!

Lehigh Water Authority serves over 55,000 properties. Schantz Spring and Crystal Spring, along with groundwater sources make up about half of the drinking water demand.

While Allentown’s groundwater is exceptionally clean, the water goes through a series of treatments and filtrations to remove impurities that could cause harm if ingested. Once water goes through the treatment process, the “finished water,” as it’s called, is stored in reservoirs.

Areas of Allentown Tend to Have Hard Water

Use of a water filtration system can help further purify the hardness that minerals add to your drinking water. Water filtration systems also lengthen the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances by eliminating scale buildup and corrosion from hardening minerals.

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