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Deluxe Plumbing is a certified dealer in Lehigh Valley for Puronics water systems.

Puronics produces a full range of drinking water and whole-house water treatment systems, all of which utilize advanced technology to ensure your family receives the highest quality water.

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Can you benefit from a whole home filtration system to remove the calcium and soften your water?

Offer 5 Types of Water Treatment Systems

We sell, install and repair Puronics as they produce water treatment systems customized to address your unique types of water issues to produce high quality water.

Bacteriostatic Water Softeners >> Whole-house bacteriostatic water softeners incorporate SilverShield Protection, which is based on NASA technology, to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media. In this type of water treatment there are 5 products, some with 4-stages and some with 5-stages.

Chlorostatic Water Softeners >> Whole-house Chlorostatic water softener systems are specifically designed to reduce the levels of chloramine, chlorine and hardness typically found in municipal water supplies. In this type of water treatment there are 3 products that have 3-stages to treat the water. This is a perfect product for those that are on city water and a smaller budget.

No Salt Water Filtration Systems >> Puronics ‘Green’ solutions for whole-house high quality water with No Salt, No Potassium and No Chemicals. These water treatment systems also incorporate SilverShield Protection – NASA Technology at work in your home.

Problem Water Treatment Systems >> If you have problems with chlorine, chloramine, iron, sulfur, HAAs, or acid in your water, these type of tanks can help!

Drinking Water Filtration Systems >> Drinking water filtration systems utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes to produce the highest quality water for all of your family’s drinking water and food preparation, eliminating the need for bottled water. These are specifically designed to improve your drink water from a sign location and not for the entire house.

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Are there certifications I should look for?
When you are looking for a water softeners you should be looking for these two standards that are developed and defined by NSF International and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

With years of experience and high-quality products from Puronics, we can help you get the whole home water purification system you need for your well or city water setup.

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