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Why Does my Heat Pump Fan Not Turn On?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Amana Heat Pump Fan Fins
Heat Pump Fan Not Turning On

Homeowners often find themselves facing issues with their heat pump system. Those issues can extend from the fan or pump not working as intended, or a total failure of the heat pump system.

When the heat pump is running but the fans are not spinning, it is advisable to first check whether there is any debris.

This is not a complicated step, but you must turn off the power before attempting to remove any potential obstacles from the unit, as the fans could cause collateral damage to the user.

Then, remove the top of the heat pump cabinet and check for any potential sticks or critters blocking the fans. Once removed, do not forget to turn the power back on. If the issue persists, here are some potential problems that could cause your fan to not spin.

Sticky Fan Motor

It is possible that the fan is in the early stages of failing. In order to test this, use a stick to give the fan a push. Never use your finger as it can be potentially life risking. If the fan is up and running, motor replacement is needed.

Dead Fan

If the fan remains unresponsive despite giving it a nudge, then either the capacitator or motor has failed. It is not advised to run the heat pump system with defect fans, as they are necessary when cooling the compressor. A dead fan can lead to overheating and irreversible damage to the unit, which will require replacement.

Fortunately, capacitators cost in the range of $150-$275 to replace, which is less than replacing a fan. You may also wish to test the capacitator yourself, provided that you are comfortable working with electricity and have a tester at home.

Amana Heat Pump Capacitator
What the Capacitator in most units will look like

Running Compressor but Slow Fan

You can check the capacitator yourself, or ask an HVAC technician to test it and determine the problem.

It is possible that your fan has a two stage (speed at about 60% and 100% of capacity) or variable-speed ( speed at about 40% to 100% of capacity) control function, in which case they are running at perfect speed.

If the fan is barely making a sound, then there is a problem, and you may wish to contact one of our HVAC technicians.

No Heat Pump or Fan

Check if your heat pump thermostat is on, and if it's set on the right mode. Ensure that the circuits to the air handler are on.

Your Heat Pump May Simply Be Too Old

If the heat pump is under warranty, meaning that it was purchased less than 12 years ago, then the most sensible option is repairing it.

However, if it was bought over 12 years ago, and has already shown signs of failure, then consider replacing it entirely.

One of our HVAC professionals can evaluate which option is most suitable for your particular situation, so give us a call at (610) 628-1724 to receive a free quote or visit and learn more about our heating services.


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