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Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair Service


Fix Your Pipes – Not Your Yard, Kitchen Walls, Bathroom, Or Basement!

Traditional pipe line repair requires you to dig up your yard to physically replace the pipe. Not only is this expensive and inconvenient, it damages your yard, and can even harm your walls, basement, or other structures of your house like your kitchen or bathroom if the trench is not dug properly. Factor in the added financial and time burden to remodel your affected room once the repair is completed, you could have an even larger scale project. 

✔️ State-of-the-Art Technology
✔️ Lifetime Warranty
✔️ 0% Financing Available

Pipe lining repair is different. Quite similar to medical angioplasty procedures where special balloon-type apparatuses are used to expand and strengthen arteries, pipe lining uses cured-in-place pipe to repair the damaged section without replacing the entire sewer line. This method is an ideal solution for those nightmare areas that require extensive remodeling once the pipe repairs are complete- behind kitchen walls, bathroom tilework, remodeled basements and underneath or behind concrete or masonry. The best part – there is no odor or VACs smell that you are left with.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Deluxe Plumbing and Heating will come to your home and uses a video camera to identify blockages and damaged pipe after clearing the pipe way.

  2. We will use special tools to remove blockages and eliminate buildup, cleaning the pipe to prepare it for repairs.

  3. A special liner and felt pipe liner are run through the line (whether 4” sewer line or down to 1 ½”, and placed into the damaged section of pipe.

  4. The felt liner is injected with powerful two-part epoxy resin. A special rubber bladder is inflated to put pressure on the liner and epoxy until it hardens completely.

  5. That’s it! We’ll clean up, remove our tools, and let you enjoy your newly-repaired sewer pipe that is a lifetime warranty.

Repair Your Pipes Quickly & Avoid Disruptions to Your Home Life

Traditional pipe repair is extremely disruptive. You’ll need heavy equipment and work crews to tear up your yard and access your sewer line. Worse, the broken pipe is a 3” stack behind your newly remodeled kitchen. Not only is this disturbing to your home life, but it’s really expensive and takes a lot of time and labor.

It will take days to repair your pipe using the old method. Not only that, but you’re responsible for restoring your landscaping or home interior after the process is over – it may take weeks or months before your lawn or kitchen look normal again.

In contrast, Deluxe Plumbing and Heating can complete the job in just 1 day with trenchless pipe repair, though a few situations may require multiple visits. For added convenience, we have perfected a method of utilizing hot water, steam and specialized equipment to reduce the curing time of our epoxy liners to just 2 hours – dramatically speeding up the process and interruption to your daily routine.

So don’t let your lifestyle, your landscape, and your home be disrupted. Get in touch with Deluxe Plumbing & Heating for trenchless pipe repair in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding counties.

Get Peace of Mind with A Camera Check & Lifetime Warranty

Whether you’ve a blocked pipe, need pipe cleaning due to slow drains, or are experiencing dangerous sewer backups in your home, Deluxe Plumbing and Heating is here to help homeowners all throughout Lehigh Valley.

We offer free video camera checks when we clear any blockage, so you can see exactly what the issue is with your home, and get the services you need from our team.

Not only that, we offer a non-transferable lifetime warranty. In the extremely rare event that something goes wrong with your repair, we’ll make it right.

With our help, you can get to the bottom of the issue in your home, and schedule the trenchless repair services you need. Just contact us to schedule with Deluxe right away.


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